After Care

Taking Care After a Massage

Everyone feels differently after a massage, please follow some basic do's and don'ts.

You may feel... ... ... ..

Tired – relax and have a nap, but not on the couch.

Energetic – be careful not to over exert yourself. Avoid reaching out of position or heavy lifting, this includes carrying shopping bags or working out.

Groggy, dizzy, nauseous, or light headed – drink some water and sit down until the feeling has passed.

  • Drinking lots of water, enjoying a hot bath, a steam, or hot tub is a great and relaxing way to help remove metabolic waste.
  • Rinse in a cold/cool shower this will tighten your skin and improves the immune system.

Skin tenderness – may be experience up to 48 hours after massage therapy.

  • Massage therapy is intensive therapy and on rare occasions some people get bruises.
  • If you bruise easily, inform the therapist and treatment will be modified.